Group 1 – Site Revised

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The meeting with the several of the board members and other Frogtown Farm contributors was a wonderful opportunity to reevaluate the layout for the site. Group 1 has been focusing on providing a design for Frogtown Farm that will include all of the bells and whistles, so to speak. This group is imagining a grand plan that will allow for a great majority of wish-list items that have been discussed and/or provided in written format to the design team.

Some of the feedback that was given to the group, based on the last group meeting, is as follows:

  1. The board favored the idea of having a two-story building. Also, the board suggested a three-story building, which would further enhance the views from the site. Frogtown Farm is the 3rd highest point in St. Paul, therefore, the board would like to really capture as much scenery as possible. The third floor may be a partial floor or some type of mezzanine level with a rooftop terrace. Plans are still underway.
  2. The teaching kitchen should be adjacent to the gathering space.
  3. The pack shed should be modeled after other pack sheds. Group 1 will continue to look at pack shed precedents for farms/urban farms.
    1. Pack shed issues to consider:
      1. Drainage (means and methods to prevent improper drainage disposal
      2. Means and methods to address soil volume
  4. Artwork should be incorporated both on the exterior and the interior of the space.
  5. The board would like to harvest the trees that are being removed from the site.
    1. The tree harvesting may be an opportunity for a local artists from the community to do some artwork with the trees.
    2. Perhaps, some of the trees could be repurposed into furniture throughout the coffee shop.
  6. Staff should have privacy from gathering spaces and other common spaces.
  7. The board is open to building into the hill. Consideration should be given for how this may or may not impact and respond to the land.
  8. The board would like to minimize parking as much as possible so that paved surfaces and hardscapes are minimized.
    1. Hard surfaces should be permeable whenever possible.
    2. If possible, a rain garden should be incorporated into the parking lot island.
  9. The gathering space should be able to comfortably accommodate 10-100 people.
  10. The board would like to see the north wall opened up to view the existing trees on the site that are being preserved.
    1. The elevator and stairs will be moved to the center of the building.

The program is still a work in progress and will continue to be streamlined as more feedback is provided by the board and Frogtown Farm contributors.


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