Group 1 – Frogtown Farm Community Center Building Cost Estimate

Based upon the immediate program requirements set forth by the Frogtown Farm board members, we have developed a rough, preliminary estimated cost for the new proposed community center at Frogtown Farm. The breakdown is as follows:

Characteristics of this building are:

-The perimeter of the building has +- 8 corners.
-The total usable area will be approximately 6,000 square feet. (Offices, washing, packing, commercial kitchen, indoor/outdoor gathering space, retail space, storage, delivery area)
-The number of stories is 2.
-Balcony/Deck: Approximately 900 square feet of balcony area supported by a wood frame.
-Garage: Approximately 900 square feet of attached garage under the main building roof.
-Outdoor Concrete Plaza: +- 10000 square feet of surface.
-Central ducted heating and cooling.
-This structure has fire sprinklers.

The cost estimate was based upon a structure with a “Class 3, Best Standard” Quality. This Includes:

-Class 3 foundation and floor. Reinforced concrete foundation. Engineered wood or steel floor or post-tensioned concrete slab. Changes in elevation.
-Class 3 frame exterior walls. Multiple wall offsets or openings. Multiple changes in wall height.
-Class 3 exterior finish. Stone or masonry accents. Good stucco or panel siding.
-Class 3 windows and doors. Large windows or skylights. Stain grade entry door. Better grade interior doors.
-Class 3 roof and soffit. Multi-pitch tile or shake roof. Enclosed soffit over windows and entrance.
-Class 3 interior finish. Irregular walls and decorative details. 12 foot ceiling at entry. Pass-throughs. Some paneling or decorative treatments.
-Class 3 floor finish. Simulated marble or stone entry. Good carpet, hardwood, parquet or sheet vinyl elsewhere.
-Class 3 bathrooms. Tiled surfaces. counter space. Compartmented bathroom.
Class 3 plumbing and electrical. 3 good plumbing fixtures per bathroom. Recessed lighting, 7 built-in good quality appliances.

Cost Estimate Source:

EstimateCost (002)_Page_2

Commercial Kitchen

The cost of a commercial kitchen was not factored into the cost above but in research on the subject, depending on the size, extensiveness, and quality of commercial kitchen equipment desired, a start-up commercial kitchen can range between $10k-30k.  That amount will need to be tacked on to the total calculated in the above photo.



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