The Frogtown Farm Experience

Today, the year four students at Dunwoody toured Frogtown Farm for the first of many times.

The mission of Frogtown Farm is :

enriching the world by cultivating soil and community in frogtown

This is evident from this first visit. We were given a personal tour of the site by Eartha, one of the employees at Frogtown Farm. She showed us the different fields for growing food (one of which is a Berm and Swale field. This style of farming allows for water retention P3070166.JPGand reduction of runnoff), the Hoop House (which is a garden protected from the elements), and also showed us the extensions of the farm including the sliding hill and the playground. Parts of the garden encourage the community to volunteer in the farming effort, while other parts are more giving. Upon entering the gardens, there is a “forest,” where anyone can come and pick the crop from the trees that grow (apple trees, pear trees, ect.)

The farm is also unique in that it offers a path straight through the middle of the farm, connecting LaFond and Minnehaha streets. It leads straight to a public transportation stop
on Minnehaha. Eartha says thaP3070170.JPGt this path is used frequently because it allows safer passage over a distance than it would be walking on the side of busy Victoria street.
Eartha mentioned that if the proposed community building were to be constructed, it would most likely be near, or on this path, and that we should expect people to continue making their way through the site. I think it would be wise to incorporate this walkway in the proposed community building.

After giving us a tour of the site, Eartha brought us back to their offices on the Wilder property to talk to us about a proposed community building. This building will hopefully house Frogtown Farm’s offices as well as a coffee shop, community kitchen, storage, and a gathering place large enough for 100+ people. We asked for a more detailed wish list from Frogtown Farm to help us focus and find a design that benefits the whole community. We also discussed the parking issue. Code may require many parking stalls. There are currently six parking stalls on the site and community has already expressed that they do not want any more parking on the site. It is one of the communities only green spaces, plus there is sufficient street parking on Minnehaha.


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