PROJECT 1: 3 Firms + 3 Projects

“Often the hands will solve a mystery that the intellect has struggled with in vain.”
                                                                                                                                              -Carl Jung

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Santiago ~ Capital of Chile (capital and largest city in Chile).

Population: 5.128 million (2014) UNdata

Alejandro Aravena, Elemental Architects is a Chilean architect that experienced firsthand the damage and destruction that a tsunami can have. In 2010 when Chile was hit by a storm and later a tsunami the highly dense areas were impacted greatly, which left multiple families in great despair.

The purpose of design, trying to understand and trying to give an answer to the 3 s’ which means scale, speed, and scarcity.”

“If there’s any power in design, that’s the power of synthesis. The more complex the problem, the more the need for simplicity.” –Alejandro Aravena, Elemental Architects

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“Pasay is one of the cities in Metro Manila, the National Capital Region of the Philippines. It is bordered to the north by the City of Manila, Due to its location just south of the City of Manila, Pasay quickly became an urban town during the American Colonial Period.”

“Liter of Light is a global open source movement aiming to provide ecologically sustainable and cost-free lighting for simple dwellings with thin roofs. Most of the plastic bottles used are recycled 1.5 liter bottles. After being filled with water and a little bleach, the bottle is pushed through a steel sheet that serves as a metal lock to prevent it from slipping. It is then embedded into a corrugated iron roof. A small part of the bottle is left outside while the rest of it protrudes into the house. Sealant is put around the hole made in the roof to keep it weather proof. The refractive properties of water ensures that the light from the sun that reaches the inside of the bottle becomes omni-directional mimicking an electric light bulb and emitting the same amount of light as a 40–60 W incandescent bulb depending on the amount of solar insolation available. Adding bleach to the water prevents it from turning green with algae and ensures a high quality light keeping the water clear for a longer time. A properly installed solar bottle can last up to 5 years.”

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  1. SPARC – Slum Dweller Advocacy – Mumbai, India

Mumbai (formerly called Bombay) is a densely populated city on India’s west coast. A financial center, it’s India’s largest city. Officials did not want to install toilets because they argued that this would encourage people to come to the slums. Broken thinking, people are already at the slums. Additional toilets will not attract more people to the slums, additional toilets will allow for better hygiene and sanitation for individuals that reside in the slums. SLUMS ARE NOT LUXURY LIVING CONDITIONS!

Toilets 1:900 (1990’s); Currently about 1:600 – Ten+ years ago.

1 Toilet for every 900 people vs. 1 toilet for every 600 people.

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