Frogtown Farm: More Than Just a Farm

Wondering what Frogtown Farm is all about? Here is a little background on their mission and goals.


“Frogtown Farm will be a hub for a healthy food system that fills gaps in food production,
storage, manufacturing, and distribution. With spokes that reach beyond its acreage and the Frogtown neighborhood, Frogtown Farm will be destination for those seeking learning, innovation, reflection, celebration, and authentic community. Rooted in values of social equity, justice, and inter-connectedness, this urban farm on the hill will serve as a model for multi-cultural community and a catalyst for economic development, community pride, and sustainability.


Design Philosophy:framework-plan

A Framework – Not a Master Plan.

          Framework allows for making decisions along the way.

          Master Plan is a finished blueprint with no room for adaptation.

Approach to Outreach:capture

One of the benefits and challenges of working in a diverse community on
a publicly-owned, community managed farm are the differences in ways
of knowing, understanding, and valuing resources.

A key starting point to capturing that diversity is to attempt to include as many voices as possible, especially from stakeholders who have been absent or inadvertently left
out of the process so far. Starting off with an even playing field where individuals and groups feel heard is essential, and this requires a strong focus on outreach.

This way, many ways of thinking can come to inform
the design process.


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