Activist Practice @ Dunwoody


**Universities are in a unique position to support access to and effective use of design knowledge. The University of Illinois at Chicago’s City Design Center merges design education with social activism. 

From observing precedent practices, I have been noticing the different elements that it takes to initiate and run a design practices for pro bono and PID projects. There is a social activist mindset that is brewing up in the minds of the students at Dunwoody and it’s for the better. Throughout the courses I have taken, I’d have to say that pro bono and PID projects have never been on my radar but after taking the first portion of Public Interest Design, I’d have to say, “THIS IS MUCH NEEDED IN THE LIFE OF DESIGNERS” and I cannot emphasize it enough that Architecture and design always has its place for serving the public and it should be always considered throughout the design process.

Our experiences in life are what makes us who we are today and it is just as important that as designers, we contribute to the great and life changing experiences. Pro bono projects encourages design for the greater good of the world and it is an important practice that we should all contribute to. It is also important to know that we are apart of a community as well. At Dunwoody, we as designers, students, and faculty have the great opportunity to educate ourselves with  Public Interest Design and in the future I look forward to obtaining the opportunity to take what I have learned, teach, and build upon a better tomorrow.


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