Architecture is relevant, and we are needed

Do you ever wake up and think, why am I in architecture school? There are so many structures and buildings out there, what could I possibly do to make things better? I can’t design like Zaha Hadid, so why am I even trying?

Don’t give up.

Our profession has created the illusion that “architecture is something closed, finite, and predetermined. Architecture has become an idol that mesmerizes and immobilizes architects.” It can blind us to different, innovative possibilities. I believe that we are stunned into design silence when researching new architecture, a feeling of this-new-project-is-so-amazing-I-can’t-beat-that. I even think that we can focus too much on the photograph-ability of a project that we forget the bigger picture of design.

We as architects can forget that architecture and design are linked to cultures and social activities and humans, not linked to awards and private sectors. In reminding ourselves of this, we see that:


Just maybe on a smaller scale. Communities want our minds. We are useful to them because we are trained to think holistically and socially and economically and to consider the needs of others. We are important. We are needed. We need to accept the invitations from communities (whether indirectly addressing needs or openly accepting requests for our minds) in order to progress design in an innovative way. The practice of architecture is still relevant. It is good to be wanted. It is nice to be needed. But to feel useful can give an architect the power to envision a brighter future for local communities and global societies.


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