Power From Collectivity

Architecture today I feel is in a quite interesting transitional phase. Much of the profession is still locked in its preset ways of practice which continue to stand the test of time. On the other hand we’ve begun to see deviations from conventional practice in the realm of public interest design. Deviations that have really grabbed a foothold and are influencing the overall ideologies and thought processes in the profession.

“Powerful voices are emerging to call for an architecture of change, an architecture that matters to everyone, and these voices are being nurtured and sustained by the activist practices of designers and citizens working close to the ground. As the voices grow louder, the message is becoming increasingly clear:architecture can both do good by societal standards and be good by professional standards. and design does not have to be compromised in the process of serving the needs of others.” (Jose Gamez & Susan Rodgers)

That statement to me is very powerful in one particular way. And it stems back to the saying: There are power in numbers. Now, not by any means is this a new a cliche saying. But it’s a perfect example of how a group of people collectively working towards one particular goal nearly have the sky as their limit to achieving it.

If we are calling for an architecture of change, it cannot be a lopsided effort. The change needs to be accepted, understood, and sought after if it is actually going to manifest.

-“An architecture that moves the field beyond the design of the buildings and toward the design of new processes of engagement with the political forces that shape theories, practices, academies, policies, and communities” (Jose Gamez & Susan Rodgers). 

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