Bachelor’s of Public Intrest Architecture!

“We need a career path, and possibly even a profession, of public interest architecture, parallel to public health and public defense, that has its own educational requirements, practice models, financial support, and client base.”

Architects are taught mostly to target a specific population- the wealthy individual, corporations, institutions, and governments- who can afford professional fees. How about the rest of the population? Who will teach how to properly build for the slums? for the poor and needy? Its much easier to design a house for a healthy family than it is to design and build a house for a fallen apart family that has an incurable disease or addicts of some sort. Many architects wold not even know where to start. tumblr_n6u6orwvyb1qk91wgo2_500Before designing we really need to understand their lifestyle, priorities, culture and so much more. We now have evidence that homeless on the street are more expensive to maintain then to house them. We have to start supporting organizations like SEED and get public housing into the priorities of our cities.

“To make design more relevant is to reconsider what “design” issues are. Rejecting the limits we have defined for ourselves, we should instead assume that design can play a positive role in seeking answers to many different kinds of challenges. We have limited our potential by seeing most major human concerns as unrelated to our work.”



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