Educate and Engage.

Education, some appreciate it, some do not.


We spend a large chunk of our early years in education, from age 5 to 18, then 18 to 20-25ish. After college is over, some believe their education is done. That is the mind set at least. Students look forward to being done with school/college, because learning can be difficult and a lot to handle. After this education we become “professionals.” However, education does not stop (or should not stop) after we gain this title.

As professionals, we should ALWAYS be learning, and continuing our education. In a world that is constantly advancing and changing, it is important especially in the design community, that we are educating ourselves on the new, and staying up to par on what is going on in our societies.

Public Interest Design is not known well by the design community currently. It has been a more recent movement, and we all should be educating ourselves on it because it affects each one of us and we all can play a role.

Now why is education so important in regards to Public Interest Design? Good question, PID poses many challenges in regards to the social, economic, political, and environmental impact. Understanding these four impacts are a necessity if public interest designers wants to design effectively. This understanding is different for every location and project you in, so it is a continual process of learning from project to project.


Following education, now becomes the time to engage. Engage yourself, and engage the community. PID is about the community, so the community should be involved. Participation of the community can lead to community empowerment.

Do your society, your community, and yourself a favor; EDUCATE and ENGAGE.



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